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"Magic does happen. Mysteries are real…”

Life is a set of pictures in your head, among which there is no difference between images born of real things and those born of inward dreamings - and there is no reason to value one above the other

Magic is about challenging people to adopt a new state of mind, to explore mysteries and to find joy in the unknown and the unknowable

Find Pleasure in everything

Take offense at nothing

This is all you have
 The world can change overnight


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Magic for Grownups

Many people think that magic is “kid stuff” and it can be. But my magic is attractive, seductive, stimulating, satisfying, interesting, enlightening, entertaining, thought provoking and comforting. Why let the kids have all the fun?

Begin with the impossible.

There is a big difference between “tricks” and “magic.” I don’t do tricks, I perform Magic. A trick is entertaining but Magic forces you to face reality – perhaps in a way that you may not have considered in the past.

We will never know “everything.” We will never be able to explain more than a very small piece of reality. All knowledge, all feeling, all life, begins – and ends – with a mystery.

Permit me to share some mysteries with you.


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Magic with a difference

I would like to tell you how you, and your event, can benefit from magic as presented by Michael Henry. Magic is about challenging people to adopt a new state of mind. It is not about ‘fooling people’ and it is definitely not a challenge to solve a puzzle. Magic is created, in the mind, one effect at a time.

Quite simply, I have the unique experience and skills to make your event unforgettable. Knowing how difficult it is to get affordable and reliable entertainers, I want to let you know that I am available for a limited number of engagements between my regular shows.

The important thing is not the goal, it is the journey. How many miracles have you experienced lately?


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