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"Reality is a very subjective thing..."

Michael Henry was born in the Midwest, lives in the Midwest and performs all over the Midwest . As a result, his magic is not typical of the Midwest . He has been a student of magic and Metaphysics for more than 30 years and holds multiple degrees including a PhD in Communications.

Dr. Henry refers to himself as a “Wizard” rather than a magician. According to Michael, “the difference between a Wizard and a magician is simple. For example, when a Magician does a card trick you know that it represents a display of incredible skill. When I use cards to support an experiment or demonstration, there is a real possibility that something supernatural has occurred.”

“Magic does happen. Mysteries are real…” 

Michael has worked as a high school teacher, college professor, musician, mechanical engineer, computer consultant and is the author of several books. Currently, he is a full time magician performing all over the world (not just the Midwest) including Las Vegas , Chicago, St. Louis and  New York.

He currently shares a house (in the Midwest ) with two cats, 15,000 books and several artificial flamingos.


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“He is the future of magic!”

           Jeff McBride, Master Magician
           Las Vegas Magical Arts Center - Las Vegas Nevada 

“That was fabulous, I have nothing to add!"

          Mr. Eugene Burger, Master Magician 

“Your're not Human! "

          Unidentified Spectator at Ikko Hibachi and Sushi Steakhouse
          Brick, New Jersey

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Press Releases

bulletDecember 2002
Local Magician Returns from performances in Las Vegas

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Recent Media Coverage of Michael Henry - Wizard

bulletMay 21 2003 -- Suburban Journals
Henry Conjures up Thrills for Audiences

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