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Begin with the impossible – then find a way to do it. 

I can help…

Let's face it, when you think of magicians you usually think of the ones who do kids birthday parties. Nothing wrong with that, but I offer mature, unique magical entertainment that makes your event unforgettable and successful. Guaranteed.

Unlike many magicians, I am not “one size fits all.” I do not “do everything.” In fact, every show is customized to meet your needs and if I do not meet your needs, perhaps I can help you find someone that can. Whether or not you hire me, you should know that  the quality of the entertainment has a direct impact on the organizer. In other words, the entertainment should make you look good.

 All of my shows are high-energy, full of audience participation, and packed with laughs. I specialize in amazement, I guarantee fun. The audience won’t know how to thank you enough for arranging the show. You will be remembered for throwing a great party

 What kind of magic do you need? Here is a summary of what I can provide. 

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Close-Up or Strolling Magic
Perfect for mixers, banquets, for weddings and receptions, for grand openings, trade shows, hospitality suite and occasions where a stage performance just won't fit. The intimate nature of the magic adds a wonderful touch to the event. Do your cocktail parties sizzle or are they a dreadful bore? Magic in the mix guarantees that your guests will have  a fun - and memorable - time
Parlor or Stand-up Shows
A bit more structured, Parlor/Stage shows are for audiences of up to 2000, depending on the facility. This is magic more like the shows that you would expect to see in Las Vegas or on television. However, the effects are original; you cannot see magic like this anywhere else. There are no live tigers or dancing girls, but the magic is real, professional and very entertaining
Traditional Magic
A special show called Ancient secrets and Modern Mysteries consists of effects with “spooky” appeal. This form of magic, know as conjuring, dates from ancient times. The Egyptians, Chaldees, Ethiopians and the Persians have all contributed to this art. The achievements of the ancient wonder-workers were marvelous at the time and the wonder of these miracles is not lost on audiences of today.
Festival and Street performances
A special type of staged show designed for outside festivals including, Art Fairs, picnics, Street events or a Renaissance Faire. It is the oldest type of Magic, as performed on the streets, in parks, on plazas, etc., anywhere a crowd could be gathered. For thousands of years, magicians have performed shows on the streets, gathering crowds, entertaining them, and in general, enhancing the entire festival experience!
Psychic parties
Psychic Parties are an entertaining journey into the fantastic and mysterious world of E.S.P., Intuition, and Psychic Phenomena. You and your guests will each receive a personal and private Psychic Reading by Dr. Henry. Learn the answers to your questions. Discover the secrets of your personality and what makes you tick. Unlock hidden abilities and let the oracles help you interpret your future. Perfect for home, office, or club events, Psychic Parties can be tailored to meet your requirements.
Full stage show -  “Carnival for the mind”
Let the Ringmaster and Master of Ceremonies lead you on a journey of Merriment, Mystery and Magic in a two hour extravaganza of Magic suitable for anyone 8 years of age upwards. Carnival for the Mind has been presented at venues across the United States  including Las Vegas and New York. Prepare to be entertained with Mind-boggling magic and illusions that you will be talking about long after the Carnival has left town!
Fees range from $250 -$4000 per event. Contact me for more information.

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