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"Let there be Magic..."

Over the years, I have developed many original effects. A few of my favorites can be found here. If you are a magician, and would like to know the secret behind these effects. please contact me. I will be happy to share.

bullet Schrödinger's Cat
I am convinced that you cannot trust the results of any experiment that includes a cat. Cats are too mysterious, too powerful. This experiment requires stuffed toy cat and two boxes. In any case, teleportation happens.
(First published in Altar Flame Magazine Vol 10, No.2)
bullet The Trickster's Crystals 
My Great Grandfather, Andrew Jackson McEntire was a staff Musician on the Goldenrod Showboat. While the boat was stopped at a small town in Southern Missouri, thousands of Native Americans passed through on a forced march. Andrew stole a woman from the trail and married her.  My Great Grandmother, a medicine woman, collected special crystals and stored then in a sacred box. Almost 100 years later, these crystals still possess some strange powers.
bullet The Haunted Dollhouse

A small dollhouse, made from the wood of a coffin. Inside the house, the tiny furniture floats, and the resident ghost leaves a mysterious fiery message.

 To learn the secret: info@michael-the-wizard.com

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